Christophe Bruno lives and works in Paris and Montpellier. He began his artistic activity in 2001. His polymorphic work (Internet pieces, installations, hacks, performances, conceptual artworks, drawing, sculpture, AI and digital art…) has a critical take on network phenomena and globalization in the field of language and images.

His work has been shown internationally in many galleries, museums, festivals and art centers:

  • Jeu de Paume in Paris, FIAC Paris, ARCO Madrid, Diva Fair in NewYork, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, ArtCologne, MOCA Taipei, Modern Art Museum of the city of Paris, Biennale of Sydney, New Museum of Contemporary Art in New-York, Variations Art Fair in Paris, La Panacée in Montpellier, Le Bel Ordinaire in Pau, National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, SMAK in Ghent, NIMk Amsterdam, galerie Aeroplastics Bruxelles, Tirana Biennale of Contemporary Art, HMKV Dortmund, Galerie Vanessa Quang in Paris, Gallery West in The Hague, Vooruit Arts Center in Gent, Share Festival in Torino, Transmediale in Berlin, Laboral Cyberspaces in Gijon, galerie Sollertis in Toulouse, ICC in Tokyo, Nuit Blanche de Paris, File Festival in Sao Paulo, Centre Pompidou for the Rencontres Paris-Berlin-Madrid, Center for the Arts at SUNY Buffalo, f.2004@shangai, ReJoyce Festival in Dublin, in Berlin, Microwave Media Art Festival in HonkKong, Read_Me Festival in Dortmund and Aarhus, Vidarte in Mexico City…

He divides his time between his artistic activity, curating, teaching and research, lectures and publications.

Awards – grants – residencies

  • Institute for Advanced Studies of Aix-Marseille University (Iméra), September 2022-July 2023
  • DICREAM (CNC Ministère Culture et Communication), aide au Développement, 2019
  • ARCADI Île-de-France, 2018
  • Laureate, with art historian Chrystelle Desbordes, of the program « Résidence Hors les Murs Villa Médicis 2016 » of the French Institute. Awarded project: Semiography #2 , « Digital Arts » category (California).
  • Winner of the ARCO new media prize 2007 at the Madrid Contemporary Art Fair.
  • Winner of the Piemonte Share Festival 2007 in Torino.
  • DICREAM (CNC Ministère Culture et Communication), aide à la production, 2006.
  • CNAP (Centre National des Arts Plastiques) laureate, support to the first soloshow exhibition, 2005
  • DICREAM (CNC Ministère Culture et Communication), aide à la maquette, 2004.
  • Honorary mention at the Prix Ars Electronica 2003 in Linz.

Research and teaching

From 2013 to 2016 he taught art and new media at the École Supérieure d’Art d’Avignon, where he was researcher at P.A.M.A.L. Laboratory (Preservation & Art, Media Archaeology Lab).
Since 2014, he teaches at ESCP Europe (Improbable / Art Thinking workshops).
List of teaching positions:  ÉSA Avignon, ESCP Europe, Science Po Paris, Icart, Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, Université Paris 1 Sorbonne, Ecole Centrale Paris, SupDeWeb, Hetic, Greta…
Workshops (selection): Beaux-Arts de Paris, Cergy, Annecy, Valence, Toulouse, Poitiers, Quimper, Lorient, Grand Palais, Gaîté Lyrique, Centre Pompidou, Université Rennes 2, Académie Charpentier…

Full list of works

  • Machine, Being and Nothingness (2019-2021), ongoing
  • The Breath of History (2020)
  • Dual Paintings (2015-2016), ongoing
  • Expansion-Recession 1929-1979-2029 (2015)
  • Semiography (2013-2021) – with Chrystelle Desbordes, ongoing
  • Post-network neo-topologies (2013-2021), ongoing
  • Information Tragedy, a topology (2013) – with Cécile Noguès
  • ArtWar(e) (2012-2014) – with Samuel Tronçon & Chrystelle Desbordes, discontinued
  • Non-conservation laws (2010), ongoing
  • Mapping the void (2008) – with Pessi Parviainen
  • The Dadameter (2008)
  • Logo.Hallucination (2006)
  • Global Artists (2004-2010)
  • Human Browser (2004 – 2016)
  • WiFi-SM (2003-2006)
  • (In)human Sciences (2006)
  • Dreamlogs (2004), no longer in use (needs recoding)
  • Blood For Sale (2004)
  • Hapax (2002)
  • GogolChat (2002) – with Jimpunk
  • Google Adwords Happening (2002)
  • Life (2002), , no longer in use (needs recoding)
  • Non-weddings (2002), no longer in use (needs recoding)
  • Fascinum (2001)
  • Epiphanies (2001)


From March 2011 to September 2012, he was appointed curator for the Virtual Space of the Musée du Jeu de Paume in Paris, where he curated three exhibitions:

  • Identités précaires, with 0100101110101101.ORG, Anonymous, La Barbe, Aram Bartholl, Luther Blissett, Heath Bunting, Dick head man Records, Etoy, Iocose, Julien Levesque, Les Liens Invisibles, Michael Mandiberg, Moddr_, Mouchette, Cornelia Sollfrank, Yes Men.
  • Blow-up (co-curated with Daniele Balit), with Natasha Rosling, Jean-Baptiste Bayle, Carlo Steiner, Charlie Jeffery, Didier Courbot, Dora García, Jimpunk. Some of the artistic projects have benefited from the support of Dicréam. With the participation of and
  • Form@ts, with  Vuk Ćosić, F.A.T. Lab, Magic Ring, Miltos Manetas, Rob Myers, Slub. With the collaboration of Samuel Tronçon and Chrystelle Desbordes.

Oct. 6 2007, curator for Second Night with Daniele Balit, Nuit Blanche de Paris on Second Life. Internet users worldwide took part in the Nuit Blanche organized by the Paris local council.

  • Second Night was displayed both on Second Life and at Hôtel d’Albret, Paris. Works by Andreas Angelidakis, Christophe Bruno, David Guez, Agnès de Cayeux, Claude Closky, Alain Della Negra, Kaori Kinoshita, Yona Friedman, Valéry Grancher, Etienne Joubert, Miltos Manetas, Second Front.

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