Human Browser at the Nuit Blanche de Paris 2004

Some time of available human brain

First performance of Human Browser ever, with Jérôme Piques.
« Some time of available human brain »

« There are many ways of talking about television. But in a business context, let’s be realistic: basically, TF1’s job is to help Coca-cola, for example, to sell its product (…). However, for an advertisement to be perceived, it is necessary that the brain of the spectator should be available. The role of our programs is to make it available: i.e. to entertain it, to relax it in order to prepare it between two messages. What we sell to Coca-cola is some time of available human brain (…).Nothing is more difficult than obtaining this availability. There lies the permanent change. It is necessary to seek at all times the programs that will fit, to follow the latest fashions, to surf on the trends of the moment, in a context where information accelerates, multiplies and gets more pervasive. »

Patrick Le Lay, CEO of TF1 (French TV channel), July 2004