Epiphanies (2001)

My first net.art piece, Epiphanies is a conceptual Google Hack remixed with James Joyce’s definition of the epiphany. It is one of the very first pieces of “Google Art”.

Here is the link to the Internet artwork


In 2001, Google wasn’t yet the Internet icon it has become and I was sure that my piece would disappear very soon since it lives on Google and feeds itself from Google’s database like a vampire. Hence this piece was supposed to have a doubly ephemeral aspect: first, because each epiphany was by essence an ephemeral manifestation, and second because the piece itself would probably vanish as its provider of raw material would go to bankruptcy…

In fact, the piece turned out to be very robust since Google practically became a new “protocol” of the Web (and more specifically of the Web 2.0). Ironically it is the monopolistic turn of capitalism at the age of globalization and its tendency towards the uniformization of thought, that allowed my piece to survive, a piece that was originally conceived in a spirit of denunciation of these trends.


2006: Galerie Sollertis, Toulouse
2004: En Parallèle, Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris
2004: Third Nuit Blanche of Paris
2002: Freebiennial.org