Human Browser at EU constitution vote

Paris, Sunday, May 29, 2005 : Jérôme Piques v1.0, the first Human Browser, created by net artist Christophe Bruno, was experimented nearby a Parisian polling station.

Watch the video broadcast on LeMonde.fr

This piece is a wireless Google hack : as I enter keywords in a Wi-Fi pda, to briefly describe the actor’s context, a program on a laptop uses these keywords as search strings in google. Then the laptop sends a text-to-speech audio of the search to an actor who then repeats what he’s getting via the headphones.


As a new epidemic of Turing Syndrome is spreading in France, unable to decide of its own future, the Human Browser offered to help the nation. During a few hours, thanks to its brand new Wi-Fi connection and its amazing ability of real-time Web-mining, the Human Browser tried to invest on language derivative by-products, in a deflationary global semantic market.