Dreamlogs in “Réseaux”, an article by E. Candel

My piece Dreamlogs is featured in an article by Etienne Candel entitled “Miracles and mirages of self publishing. The case of Christophe Bruno’s Dreamlogs”, published in the French review Réseaux.

Abstract: In this article the author considers the concept of disfiguration, a process of transformation of the pagination, formatting and editorial characteristics of an on-line text, that is, what Yves Jeanneret calls its textualisation. The concept of disfiguration is used to highlight the semiotic impact of editorial enunciation on the Internet. The work studied here, the Dreamlogs of Netartist Christophe Bruno, subverts a canonic form of the blog in a practice of distorted self-publishing. It thus manipulates the Internaut’s cognitive routines and, by disfiguring the texts, questions the common practices of writing, reading and interpretation.