Non-Fungible Non-Essential Art

Since a few weeks, you can buy some of my works as auratic crypto-art, a.k.a. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), on my showrooms @rarible.com or @hicetnunc.xyz.

NFTs offer the possibility of collecting and reselling artworks in digital format, in limited numbered series or unique pieces, while being harmless for planet Mars.

This way you can keep me alive, speculate on my death and remember Walter Benjamin.

NET.art had promoted infinitely reproducible art, NFT.art closes the loop by mining digital scarcity.

NB: Fees on Hicetnunc are lower. Here is a small disclaimer I had wrote for my Rarible Showroom where fees are quite expensive: “It’s well known, however, that the cryptographic aura of NFTs massively contributes to the decay of our planet Ponzi. The price to pay for maintaining security and unicity by proof-of-work is huge. Strangely enough, it has now become more expensive to produce uniqueness than to re-produce ad libitum! Shouldn’t uniqueness be the simplest and most natural thing of all?”