France Culture : Place de la toile

I’m invited on France Culture, Place de la toile: Art et internet.

Les artistes contemporains ont, depuis plusieurs années, saisi à pleines mains les nouveaux médias. Nouveaux supports, ils remettent en question la notion même d’original, et la circulation de la production artistique est complètement redéfinie. Internet est aussi un vaste réservoir de références à portée de la main, qui nourrissent la production de l’artiste, dont la forme explose pour ne plus appartenir à aucune discipline classique. Internet : moyen de subversion artistique ?

Ecopolis : Interview

I’m interviewed by Luca Barbeni in Ecopolis, online magazine about information ecology:

Christophe Bruno is a french artist always reflecting in his works about communication and language. In his last work logo.hallucination, he monitors the web trough a pattern recognition software, that looks for logo copyright infringements. We talk about privatization of the glance, mash up aesthetic and personal profile.

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Digicult : Interview

I’m interviewed by Giulia Simi in the italian magazine Here is the interview in english:

How Logo.Hallucination idea was born?

Up to now many of my work were dealing with questions of language and globalization, commodification of speech ( etc., and I felt that I had to move more deeply towards a field closer to the question of the image, but in relation to similar questionings.

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Neural Magazine : Interview

I’m interviewed by Alessandro Ludovico in the Italian magazine for new media, hacktivism and emusic Neural Magazine N°25

Your ‘Google Adwords’ was one of the first works that showed the paradox of the ’semantic capitalism’ (as you defined it), that is at the core of Google business. You also defined as “taylorisation of speech” the “control and spectacle of words used in Google”. So in your opinion the Google real potential is administering the largest online semantic capital? And which are the main characteristics of this economy of (searchable and archived) texts?

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WMMNA : Interview

Christophe Bruno is a French net-artist (yes, like in based in Paris. His mostly web-related work deals a lot with questions related to language and has been widely shown. He gained a lot of recognition for his “AdWords-Happening” with which he has won a honorable mention at the 2003 Ars Electronica. He’s had his first solo-show at the gallery Sollertis in Toulouse and recently he was invited to Transmediale 06, where his “Human Browser” attacked the unsuspecting art-crowd with her googled ramblings. Being so prolific and funny, it’s about time that we take a closer look at Monsieur B!

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